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Information about Canvas, educational technology, instructional design, online education, multimedia, and surveys.

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Canvas for Students

Includes information on Canvas, AU's learning management system, for users in a student role.

Course Evaluations

Includes information about AU's online course evaluation system, EvaluationKIT


Includes information on Screencast-o-Matic software.

Instructional Resource Center

Includes information about the Instructional Resource Center in ITS provides support to faculty in the areas of teaching and technology.

Articles (14)

Adobe Acrobat PRO DC Action Buttons

This is a tutorial on how to add action buttons in Adobe PDF that save data that has been entered into the PDF.

Converting Video files to MP4 for Free using Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a free tool that can convert video files to MP4. After downloading the program, it's a matter of dragging and dropping the files you wish to be converted, selecting the output as MP4 and pressing the convert button.

Creating Course Shortcuts on the Desktop

This is a tutorial on how to create shortcuts to Canvas Courses on the desktop. Over time, you may acquire more courses and it can become difficult to manage all of the course tiles on the Canvas Dashboard. By creating shortcuts, you can more easily manage course tiles.

Creating Surveys with QuestionPro

A survey is not worth giving unless you’re going to do something with the data and QuestionPro is a tool that gives you a lot of power to analyze your results. This article covers the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys using QuestionPro for research, student work, and university business.

Google Chromebook Signing In/Out & Guest Browsing Mode

Signing in to a Google Chromebook using your AU Gmail account gives you access to your Google Drive, allows you to download & upload files, and use G Suite Apps such as Google Docs or Google Slides. It's very important that you sign out of the Chromebook after you are finished using it. The Chromebook does have a Guest Browsing mode that lets you browse the web but won't let you access any of the files. Don't forget to sign out when you are finished using the Chromebook.

Google Slides: Audience Q&A

The Google Slides Presenter View has many Audience Tools, such as allowing the presenter to ask questions, the audience to ask questions, allows questions to be voted on and allows questions to be shown live during a presentation. These Audience Tools allow for a more engaging presentation for the audience.

Google Slides: Poll Everywhere Add On

Poll Everywhere can be added to Google Slides as an Add On via Google Chrome browser. This allows Poll Everywhere Activites to be added directly into Google Slides Presentations.

Making Your PDF Accessible

PDF documents are special because they are not meant to be edited easily, but they can also be created in several different ways. Some of the methods for creating a PDF can make them inaccessible for screen readers. This help article explains more.

Microsoft PowerPoint: Poll Everywhere Add On

Poll Everywhere can be added to Microsoft PowerPoint as an Add On via web download from Poll Everywhere. This allows Poll Everywhere Activities to be added directly into PointPoint Presentations and be presented live within the presentation. The Poll Everywhere PowerPoint Add On can be downloaded from the Poll Everywhere home page (after you have logged into your (anderson.edu) Poll Everywhere account.

OBS Introduction (Multimedia recording and streaming tool)

This is a tutorial on the introduction to OBS studio.

Poll Everywhere Guide

This is an introductory guide to Poll Everywhere Free edition

Using Any Video Converter with Mac

Any Video Converter Free Edition can be used to convert MOV to MP4 videos which can then be uploaded to Canvas. MOV is a common file type for MAC videos.

Viewing a Class Photo Roster in AccessAU Academics

Instructors are able to see a page with the photos of the entire class within AccessAU Academics.