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This article examines the various ways users can embed videos into the Canvas course via Pages.
PDFs, Google Docs, and other various file formats can be added into Canvas as a shareable link.
PDFs, Google Docs, and other various file formats can be embedded into a Youtube Video.
This is a tutorial on the different options for setting up a Recording in ScreenPal
This is a tutorial on how to use the key editing features and publish a video using ScreenPal
Media can be added to Canvas Course Pages using Kaltura via the Rich Content Editor.
This article provides students with instructions on how to submit an assignment with a
media recording submission type. To submit a media recording assignment, you will need
to have a microphone and a webcam if you are also doing video.
This article shows the process of how to download a video from the user's Kaltura course Media Gallery.
Kaltura can be used to embed video announcements into your Canvas Courses.
Students can submit video assignments using the Kaltura integration in Canvas. While it is possible to record and upload using a mobile device, it is much easier to use a laptop to submit a video assignment.
Instructors can create video submission assignments in Canvas using Kaltura.
Publishing course media allows users within the course to view the media. Publishing media is a quick process. Publishing media does not publish the Canvas course.
My Media and Media Gallery are similar Kaltura tools within Canvas. My Media spans across all of the user's Canvas courses and My Gallery shows on videos that have been published to each course.
Caption files are important for videos so that those with hearing impairments can still follow along with the content. This article gives instructions on how to upload caption files to videos on Google Drive.