ScreenPal: Setting up a Recording

Pressing the red record button on the ScreenPal Recording/Opening Page will bring up the recorder tool. Several options are available: The recording screen (without or without a webcam), time limit, screen size of recording, narration, computer audio and recording preferences (such as whether or not to display the webcam if the webcam is selected during recording. 

  • Selecting Screen will only record your screen. 
  • Selecting Webcam will only record your webcam. 
  • Selecting Both will embed your webcam display in the screen capture. 

Max Time enables a time limit for the recording. This is helpful if your audience has a limited attention span and it’s beneficial to split the recording into segments that are more user-friendly. 

Screen Size allows you to capture the full screen, a portion of the screen, a specific window (if you have multiple applications/windows open).

Narration allows you to narrate/record your voice over the screen capture (give instructions, teach, etc). If you turn this option on, you will have the ability to narrate the video while it’s being edited. 

Computer Audio enables computer noises to be captured (“tings” notification sounds, etc.). Typically when creating a screen recording, you will want to leave this option turned off. 

Additional Preferences can be set by pressing the Preferences button under the Computer Audio button (such as whether or not a Count Down will appear when starting a recording). 

The pencil icon (between the gear icon and the Cancel button) near the Record button allows you to draw shapes, arrows, and other annotations on top of the video (annotations can also be added later when editing the video). 

When you have selected your desired settings, press the red Rec button. A 3-2-1 countdown will appear and the recording will begin.

When you are finished recording press the grey Pause button in the lower-left of the screen.

The playback toolbar appears and allows you to:

  • continue recording, playback the recording
  •  annotate on top of the recording
  • delete the recording and start over
  • finish the recording (Done)
  • transition into the editing stage of the process
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