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The Kaltura Video Editor can be used to Trim, Clip, and Splice Media. Note: two independent videos can not be combined or spliced together using Kaltura's video editor (i.e. a lecture was recorded each week and you wanted to combine them into one single lecture).
This is a tutorial on the different options for setting up a Recording in ScreenPal
If the Automatic Machine Slide-Chapter creation tool in Kaltura didn't capture all of the PowerPoint slides or you need to add, edit or delete slides, you can edit the Timeline of the video to make adjustments to the presentation using the MyMedia editor Timeline Editor.
Kaltura allows users to create video quizzes using the content from their My Media space. Gradable answer types available are T/F and Multiple Choice (there is also fill in the blank and reflection point, however, these are not gradable answer types). Video quiz grades are automatically sent back to the Canvas Gradebook when the user finishes the quiz.