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AU Together

AU Together is a private and confidential system for requests related to the Coronavirus outbreak.


Click "ITS" for services related to information technology including user accounts, networking, enterprise software, educational technology and more.

To submit a request, please select the category and service that you are interested in. Click on the orange button on the right of the service page to submit your request.

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Marketing and Communication

Services include graphic design, event promotion, website updates, social media support, news promotion, photography, video, and more.

The Marketing and Communication team will work together to bring your project to life. We serve as stewards to protect the printed and digital identity of the Anderson University brand. So when you have a story, event, or opportunity to share with the world, it’s our job to get it out there. We promote our community’s accomplishments and offerings through a wide variety of platforms. We look forward to helping you share your story!