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Services or Offerings?
Request a login for new staff who will place Storefront orders for a department/office. Storefront login credentials are given to one person per department/office.

When a new employee joins the AU community, new account access needs to be created.

The IRC is available to help instructors try new technology in their classes.

This service is to request a new generic user and/or email account.

Report problems with ordering or signing into the storefront. Also, share your ideas for new products to add to the Storefront.

When new employees are hired, depending on their role within the university, they may need to have additional access within AccessAU. The Office of Work Life Engagement will notify us of this request.

ITS is available to help with conference room technology and TV displays in a limited capacity.

Advanced survey software for faculty, staff, and students that need it for academic purposes

Due to life events, users may need to make changes to their user accounts. ITS allows the change of user name and email address.

ITS provides network service to support all university-approved functions.

Request photography for events and promotions. Sign up for our next employee photo shoot.

Want to open a social media account or aren't sure what to do with the one you have? Learn more about opening, closing, or maintaining AU-related Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok accounts as well as how to handle duplicate accounts. We will share best practices, help you choose which platform is best for your audience, and go over AU guidelines.

Order institutional or athletic stationery items such as envelopes, letterhead, name badges, and business cards. Also includes promotional items with our AU logo.

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