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This service is to request a new email account that is not tied to an individual (ex.

ITS is available to help with conference room technology and TV displays in a limited capacity.

Share your news in our faculty/staff Weekly Update email.

If a student has an issue with their machine, ITS can assist in some cases. We are not able to fix hardware issues on a personal machine.

Access for entertainment devices for campus residents (only available in residence halls)

The Anderson University ID card is used for secure access to locked buildings, purchases at dining facilities, entrance to events, and other similar activities.

Laptops and desktops that are issued to employees of Anderson University as either permanent or loaned equipment.

When guests of Anderson University need access to the wireless Internet while on campus, they should use Raven Guest.

Instructional design consultations for faculty looking for help with pedagogical issues and for staff looking to design training workshops.

When a new employee joins the AU community, new account access needs to be created.

This service will allow data users to submit requests for institutional level reports. For requests related to current students and courses, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Incoming student accounts are automatically created and an email is sent to the student's personal email with login information.

Faculty, staff, and students may change their network password by using the password change tool.

If a classroom is malfunctioning, ITS is ready to help

Having problems logging in to Raven Solutions to make a service request? Click on the link above for more help.

PaperCut is software that works with the printers across campus.

Known commonly as clickers, these kits are available for classes and meetings.

Typical classroom software that is in the classroom

Students will use PaperCut to view their print activity, WebPrint to print on campus, and Mobility Print to install printers onto their computers.

ITS has presentation equipment for checkout and delivery on campus for faculty and staff.

Unable to find the correct service form? Click on the link above for more help.

The AU App is a great way to stay connected to campus events and information.