Includes information about internet access and WiFi

Services (7)

Can't Find My MAC Address

Let us know if you're unable to find your Media Access Control (MAC) Address.

Network & Wireless Provision

ITS provides network service to support all university-approved functions.

Phones & Voicemail

Mitel phones are installed in each office. All university-owned computers have Mitel Connect software installed on them to work with the phone.

Raven Guest

When guests of Anderson University need access to the wireless Internet while on campus, they should use Raven Guest.

Raven Media

Access for entertainment devices for campus residents (only available in residence halls)

Raven Wireless

Includes wireless access for students, faculty, staff and AU affiliates


Faculty and staff working from off campus locations such as home, a hotel, or the local coffee shop, should use a VPN to keep data secure while working from those locations.