Accounts & Passwords

Includes account information, password resets, name changes, new hire requests, account terminations, and shared accounts

Services (7)

Password Resets

Faculty, staff, and students may change their network password by using the password change tool.

Faculty and Staff Accounts

When a new employee joins the AU community, new account access needs to be created.

Student Accounts

Incoming student accounts are automatically created and an email is sent to the student's personal email with login information.

Shared Mailbox

This service is to request a new generic user and/or email account.

Name Changes

Due to life events, users may need to make changes to their user accounts. ITS allows the change of user name and email address.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts are created to provide technology resources for qualified 'non-Anderson University' individuals.

Student Employee Accounts

These are accounts that students use while working for Anderson University.