Help! I'm not sure where to submit my marketing request.

Are you sure there is not a place to submit your request?

Selecting the appropriate service will send your request directly to the person/group that can help with your request. A request using this service will be manually assigned and may delay start or completion. 

Before you fill out this form, please make sure there is not a service for your request: 

Print, Digital, & AU Branding

  • Graphic Design includes:
    • Print (brochures, posters, flyers, t-shirts, etc.)
    • Mail (event invitations, postcards, letters, etc.)
    • Digital Graphics (PDFs, social media graphics, ads, etc.)
  • Institutional Wall Graphics for hallways and public spaces.
  • Reprint of something that we created for you in the past.  
  • Design Approval of something you created but would like to print or distribute to the public.
  • Anderson University Logo for your special projects.
  • Schedule a Project Consult so we can work together on your event or project.

Content Marketing

  • Help with your Social Media account
  • AU Style Guide: AU writing style such as abbreviations, comma usage, date format, etc.
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Email Marketing: Sending promotional mass emails
  • Add or change events on our Campus Calendar
  • Include your news in our Weekly Update email

News Promotion

  • News Promotion: Sharing your news via press release, social media, etc.

Event Promotion & Scheduling

  • Event Promotions via press release, social media, campus calendar, etc.
  • Borrow Institutional Banners for your event.


  • Update to a page on website.

Calendar & Weekly Update

  • Add or update your event on our Campus Calendar.
  • Add your news to our Weekly Update email. 


  • Request an AU Photo.
  • Schedule a Photographer or employee headshot.
  • Consult about Video requests.


  • Place an order on our Storefront for AU stationery or new employee items such as letterhead, envelopes, name badges, business cards, etc.
  • Request Storefront Login credentials for a new department Admin.
  • Share Storefront Problems or suggest a product idea.


If one of the services listed above meets your need, please go back to that section and complete the corresponding form.   


If you aren't sure which service to choose or none of them seem to fit, you can submit your request here.

How to Request Help

To request this service, please click the Request Help button on the right.

What to Expect

After submitting your request, someone from Marketing and Communication will contact you within business hours.

Request Help

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