Adding a Caption Track to a Video on Google Drive


Caption files are important for videos so that those with hearing impairments can still follow along with the content. ITS can help instructors create the caption files, but instructors need to follow the instructions below to add the actual caption file to the video on Google Drive.


Caption files have the .srt file extension (it stands for SubRip Subtitle). The files are a simple text file that when opened reveals the text of the caption (or subtitle) and the video time code for when a subtitle should be displayed and removed during the video.

  1. Locate the video on Google Drive.
  2. With the video selected, click the three vertical dots () in the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Manage caption tracks.
  4. Click the ADD NEW CAPTION TRACKS link.
  5. Click the Upload tab and select the caption file.
  6. Click the Select button.
  7. Fill out the information about the file including the language of the file and a track title if you would like one. Click the Upload button when you are finished.

The caption track will now be added to the video. You can click the three vertical dots () next to the track to make edits or replace the caption track. When anyone plays the video, they will now be able to click the icon to view the captions.

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