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Duplicating a Test in Canvas is a process that takes under three minutes. If a student needs to have a test proctored and LockDown Browser is not an option, however the text was setup using LockDown Browser, then a duplicate copy of the exam will need to be created.
Kaltura has built in machine captioning that will auto caption media that is either imported or recorded using Kaltura. Sometimes, the machine captioning isn't always accurate and users will need to manually make changes to the captions.
PDF documents are special because they are not meant to be edited easily, but they can also be created in several different ways. Some of the methods for creating a PDF can make them inaccessible for screen readers. This help article explains more.
Caption files are important for videos so that those with hearing impairments can still follow along with the content. This article gives instructions on how to upload caption files to videos on Google Drive.