LockDown Browser: Duplicating a Test in Canvas


Tests, Assignments, Pages, and other various Canvas tools can be duplicated. Most commonly Duplicating an item in Canvas is used for LockDown Browser when a student is unable to take the exam using LockDown Browser and a duplicate version of the test needs to be created and set to not use LockDown Browser. This guide will cover how to duplicate an assignment so that the copy of the assignment does not require LockDown Browser. 


1. Click the three vertical that corresponds to the module item (this is likely to be named "yourtestname- Requires LockDown Browser"  
2. Click "Copy To"
3. Copy the item to the course that you are in. 
4. Click on the item and then select Edit
5. Rename the item so you can differentiate between the LockDown Browser version and the non-LockDown Browser version.
6. Scroll down to options and make sure the Shuffle Answers box is unchecked.
Make sure "Shuffle Answers is unchecked for both copies of the exam if you wish to use with the Kissinger Academic Center for Excellence
7. Scroll down further and reassign the item to just the people that need to complete the item.
8. Click the blue save button.
9. Navigate to the renamed item in the LockDown Browser tool.
10. Click the dropdown arrow and then select Settings.
11. Change the setting from Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam to Don't require LockDown Browser for this exam.
12. Click Save and Close. 


Video Tutorial


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