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Instructors can convert a Word Document to an Excel or Google Sheets and then export it as a CSV file convert it to a .QTI file and import it into Canvas as a classic quiz. While this sounds like an extensive process if the instructor only has a Word Document of the questions and answers and doesn't want to directly rebuild the quiz directly into Canvas. This process can save the instructor lots of time.
Non-AU users can still use Canvas but the process for changing the user's password is different from a typical AU user. (visiting students, etc.)
Zoom Videos can be uploaded to Canvas by using Kaltura's Media Gallery +Add Media option. Find the video file and either drag and drop or click the upload button and navigate to the video and upload it manually. Once a title has been added and the video has finished processing it can be saved and published to the course Media Gallery.
Publishing course media allows users within the course to view the media. Publishing media is a quick process. Publishing media does not publish the Canvas course.
My Media and Media Gallery are similar Kaltura tools within Canvas. My Media spans across all of the user's Canvas courses and My Gallery shows on videos that have been published to each course.
Playlists are a great way to help students stay organized and engaged when interacting with your Kaltura Media. If you had a set lecture series published in your course Media Gallery and wanted student to be able to quickly sort out the lectures series from the rest of the content, creating playlists will meet this need.
To complete the recording, enter in a title and description and click save and upload.
Kaltura Express Capture enables recording content directly from the browser without the need to install any additional software. The Kaltura HTML recorder allows you to use your webcam or audio devices to record video and audio entries directly from your browser. You cannot use Kaltura Express Capture to record your screen.
PDFs, Google Docs, and other various file formats can be added into Canvas as a shareable link.
You can add a section to your course by editing your course Settings in Canvas. Sections help subdivide students within a course and offer section-specific options such as varied due dates for assignments, discussions, etc.
The Kaltura Video Editor can be used to Trim, Clip, and Splice Media. Note: two independent videos can not be combined or spliced together using Kaltura's video editor (i.e. a lecture was recorded each week and you wanted to combine them into one single lecture).
The Kaltura Virtual Classroom is a great way to have virtual meetings, allow remote students to stay engaged in the class. Becoming familiar with all the features will help users be able to use it to its full potential
Students can submit video assignments using the Kaltura integration in Canvas. While it is possible to record and upload using a mobile device, it is much easier to use a laptop to submit a video assignment.
Kaltura can be used to embed video announcements into your Canvas Courses.
LockDown Browser is a locked browser for taking quizzes in Canvas. It prevents you from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during an assessment.