Opening and Downloading Kaltura Personal Capture


Kaltura Personal Capture is available to all Canvas users. Kaltura can be used both offline and online and once Kaltura Personal Capture is downloaded (available for Windows and Mac). When Kaltura is used offline. Media will be saved to the computer and uploaded by the user when an Internet connection is available. 


To access Kaltura Personal Capture, open up a Canvas course, and navigate to My Media. Click "Add New" and Choose Kaltura Capture.

You will be redirected to the Kaltura Personal Capture page within Canvas. If you have not downloaded Kaltura Personal Capture, you will be prompted to download it. If the automatic download doesn't occur, choose Download for Windows or Download for Mac (corresponding to your operating system). 

Once Kaltura Personal Capture is installed on your computer, you will be prompted to open it each time you go navigate to Kaltura Capture.



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