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Instructors can change their profile picture in their Kalura virtual classroom by going to Newrow (the platform that hosts the virtual classroom). After starting a Virtual Classroom Session, the user needs to open up a new tab and go to and click on the profile picture icon to change the profile picture. The profile picture will the same for all virtual courses.
Kaltura is a tool that is built into all Canvas courses via My Media and Media Gallery. Kaltura can be used to manage a users media content, record. Uisng Kaltura instructors (and students can record, upload and edit media is created. Instructors can also create video quizzes and host Virtual Classrooms (video confereces similar to Zoom or Google Meet) directly within their Canvas course via the Media Gallery.
Media can be added to Canvas Course Pages using Kaltura via the Rich Content Editor.
Instructors can create video submission assignments in Canvas using Kaltura.
The Kaltura Video Editor can be used to Trim, Clip, and Splice Media. Note: two independent videos can not be combined or spliced together using Kaltura's video editor (i.e. a lecture was recorded each week and you wanted to combine them into one single lecture).
Kaltura has built in machine captioning that will auto caption media that is either imported or recorded using Kaltura. Sometimes, the machine captioning isn't always accurate and users will need to manually make changes to the captions.
Students can submit video assignments using the Kaltura integration in Canvas. While it is possible to record and upload using a mobile device, it is much easier to use a laptop to submit a video assignment.
As we move closer to the start of the semester, the Instructional Resource Center in ITS wants to prepare you for this usual semester by offering training on AU’s new video tool, Kaltura. Whether you are teaching online, in the classroom, or a combination of the two, Kaltura is available right in Canvas for all your video needs.
Kaltura Personal Capture is available to all Canvas users, however, Kaltura Personal Capture must be installed on the user's computer before it can be used.
Media files can be uploaded into MyMedia from a computer, laptop, and most mobile/smart devices. Kaltura has a dedicated Upload Media option in the My Media Action tools.
Recording PowerPoint slides enables viewers to easily navigate through a video by jumping to a specific slide, or by searching for text in the slide. Admins can configure Kaltura Capture to include automatic slide detection.
If the Automatic Machine Slide-Chapter creation tool in Kaltura didn't capture all of the PowerPoint slides or you need to add, edit or delete slides, you can edit the Timeline of the video to make adjustments to the presentation using the MyMedia editor Timeline Editor.
Zoom Videos can be uploaded to Canvas by using Kaltura's Media Gallery +Add Media option. Find the video file and either drag and drop or click the upload button and navigate to the video and upload it manually. Once a title has been added and the video has finished processing it can be saved and published to the course Media Gallery.
Using Kaltura, It is possible to record, upload, and submit content from your mobile device to Canvas. Currently the Canvas App does not allow users to submit content. Users will need to go to the Anderson University Canvas page on their mobile device ( ).
Publishing course media allows users within the course to view the media. Publishing media is a quick process. Publishing media does not publish the Canvas course.