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Adding videos to pages is a quick process when using the Rich Content Editor. The Embed Kaltura Tool is recommended as it allows for uploads, direct recording and screen capture, linking to public Youtube videos, and importing content from MyMedia Videos can be added just about anywhere in Canvas when you interact with the Rich Content Editor (announcements, discussions, quizzes, assignments, etc.)
When video conferencing, your microphone may be muted without any indication that the mic is muted. You'll sometimes receive an error message saying "Your microphone is muted at the system level" when trying to use video conferencing software. Users must go into the mic's properties to access the mute/unmute button.
Faculty, students, and staff can use Kaltura's Express Capture to record their screens.
Kaltura Personal Capture is available to all Canvas users, however, Kaltura Personal Capture must be installed on the user's computer before it can be used.
Media can be added to Canvas Course Pages using Kaltura via the Rich Content Editor.
After the instructor starts the virtual meeting within Canvas, students can join the virtual classroom by going to the course's Media Gallery and pressing the Join Meeting button.
The Start Meeting button can appear to be missing from a Canvas course. Fortunately, it's really easy to re-enable the virtual classroom. To re-enable the virtual classroom: navigate to Media Gallery > Channel Actions > Enable Newrow Live Room; Save the changes and go back to the Media gallery.
Any video that is imported into or created using Kaltura will automatically be machine captioned. Users can import their own captions if desired.
This article shows the process of how to download a video from the user's Kaltura course Media Gallery.
Media files can be uploaded into MyMedia from a computer, laptop, and most mobile/smart devices. Kaltura has a dedicated Upload Media option in the My Media Action tools.
Using the Kaltura embed tool allows students to record directly from a webcam to discussion post.
Uploading content via Canvas tools is a great way to engage students. By using the Rich Content Editor (RCE) you can access all of your Kaltura media or create new media directly for what you are doing.
Kaltura is a tool that is built into all Canvas courses via My Media and Media Gallery. Kaltura can be used to manage a users media content, record. Uisng Kaltura instructors (and students can record, upload and edit media is created. Instructors can also create video quizzes and host Virtual Classrooms (video confereces similar to Zoom or Google Meet) directly within their Canvas course via the Media Gallery.
Kaltura offers options for media collaboration and transfer of ownership.
A “SubRip Subtitle” file, also known as SRT (.srt), is one of the most common subtitle/caption file formats used. Videos created and uploaded using Kaltura will automatically be captioned and the captions can be edited, however if the user already has a caption file they can replace the machine caption file that is created. This tutorial will walk through teh process of manually creating a caption file.