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Faculty, students, and staff can use Express Capture to capture their screen, record audio and webcam, and publish the capture directly to the course Media Gallery. This article will primarily focus on the screen capture aspect of Express Capture. For general use of express capture (webcam and mic recording) see this article: Kaltura Express Capture


Step 1: Navigate to the course Media Gallery
Step 2: Select + Add Media
Step 3: Choose ADD NEW and select Express Capture
Step 4-5: Press the screen share icon and turn on the Toggle. 

  • Typical Screen Sharing settings options will appear on the screen (i.e. choose what screen to share, share tab, window, or entire screen, share audio)
  • You can turn on or off your camera and microphone by selecting the up arrow next to the icon and changing the toggle from on to off.

Start Recording by pressing the red round record button and to stop recording press the red round record button again. Kaltura will offer the option to re-record, download a copy of your recording and use the recording "Use This".  Clicking Use this takes you to the publishing menu (there isn't an option to create the video unpublished at this point).  This means that if you use Express Capture and you aren't ready for the students to see the video you need to unpublish the video after it gets published to the course media gallery.

To unpublish a video head to the Media Gallery and click the three horizontal dots on the video you wish to unpublish. Then choose the pencil icon on the left side of the video that appears.
On the next screen, look underneath the video and select the Publish Tool. Switch the status from Published to Private and then scroll down and press the save button. Alternatively, this process can also be completed by accessing My Media in the Global Navigation Menu. 

Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need some help, please let ITS know by submitting a Raven Solutions request.

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