Adding Videos to Modules via Pages


Adding Kaltura VIdeos to pages is the best way to get media/content to your students. Using the Rich Content Editor you can embed video(s) directly into your course Pages.  Videos can be added just about anywhere in Canvas when you interact with the Rich Content Editor (announcements, discussions, quizzes, assignments, etc.)


Step 1: Open the Page that you want to add videos to and press the Edit Button

Step 2: Place your mouse cursor (left click) where you want the video to be relative to the rest of the page. You may have to highlight the text and remove the text. 

Step 3: Choose the Kaltura Embed tool 

Select the type of video to be embedded. (In this guide I selected Record from Webcam​​​​​​)

Step 4:  Press the Record Button when you are ready. Make sure your webcam & mic are active (in my picture it is not active--you can activate my webcam by clicking on the webcam and mic icons. The same thing can be done with the screen recording icon).

 In the Embed Kaltura Media picture below (step 4 picture)  only the mic has been activated. You would need to also activate the camera by clicking on the camera icon and the screenshare icon if you want to share your screen).

Step 5: When you are finished recording press the Stop Recording Button

You may have to scroll down to access the "Save Button"

Step 6: Select the Use This button

Step 7: Press the </> Embed Button

Step 8: When you are finished editing the page (adding additional text or additional videos) press the Save or Save and Publish button

Optional: Additional Videos can be added directly below the current video by pressing enter and then repeating the process of adding a video (videos can also be added anywhere on a page).

  • Save allows for the page to be saved but students can't see the page
  • Save and Publish allows for the video to be saved and also allows students to view the page

Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need some help, please let ITS know by submitting a Raven Solutions request.


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