Submitting Video notes as an Assignment using Annoto


Instructors can use the Annoto add-on (any video created, uploaded, or linked using Kaltura) to create an Assignment that allows students to create and submit personal notes for an assigned video.  Each submitted note contains the course name, Video name, a link to the video, and Video duration. The notes are also sorted chronologically and for each note, you can see the time stamp and sentiment if there is any (such as a thumbs up or heart icon)


Step 1: Create an Assignment and Embed Kaltura Media.  For the Submission type choose Online and select File Uploads. Continue filling out the assignment details (description, title, Due Date, Point Value, etc.), and then press the save button at the bottom when you are finished editing. 

Step 2: In your Assignment Description, hyperlink this article that shows students how to export their video notes and submit them as assignment submissions

Step 3: After Saving the page will refresh to the main assignment page. Hover and click on the comment bubble in the center-right of the video to open up Annoto

Step 4: Click on the three Horizontal Bars and choose Dashboard

Step 5: Choose the Preferences Tab and then change the preset to Personal Notebook and then press the Apply button (the Apply button is next the the Preset button)

Step 5b: Skip step 4 if the video is already set to Personal Notebook
Step 6: Exit out of the Settings menu and wait for students to submit the DOCX as their video note assignment. 


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