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Students can submit multiple files as a part of an assignment submission.
Instructors can use the Annoto add-on (any video created, uploaded, or linked using Kaltura) to create an Assignment that allows students to create and submit personal notes for an assigned video.
Select the blue Start Assignment button (or New Attempt button if you have already attempted the assignment and the instructor allows for multiple attempts). Choose the Apps Icon (it looks like a power plug for an electrical device) and select Google Apps. Choose the file you want to add by clicking on the picture of it and then pressing the blue Select button at the bottom left of the window. Press the Embed button. Press enter 2x and repeat the process. When Finished Press Submit Assignment
Navigate to Assignments and create a new Assignment. Add an Assignment Name and Description. Assign a Point Value and (if you have weighted grading--move it to the appropriate Assignment Group). For Submission, Type Choose Online and only check Text Entry. Submission Attempts (Choose Unlimted just in case the student fails to submit multiple files the first time). Finally, Choose Assign to Everyone and add a Due Date and optionally add availability dates.
The easiest way to determine whether or not students can access an assignment is by the Publish Status. Although, this is generally accurate, there are additional settings that instructors can change to make the assignment not accessible such as availability dates.
This article shows users (Mac) how to Combine pictures and convert them into a PDF and then submit the PDF as a Canvas Assignment.
This article shows users (Windows) how to combine pictures and convert them into a PDF and then submit the PDF as a Canvas Assignment.
Using Google Cloud Assignment, Instructors can create an assignment template using Google Drive that allows each student go be given their own copy of the assignment while the original (Instructor Copy) remains untouched.