Submitting a Kaltura Video Assignment


With Kaltura, students are able to upload, record, or pull content from their My Media repository to submit an assignment in Canvas. 


Find the assignment in your Canvas Course (check Modules first and if you can't find it, check in Assignments).

Once you have opened the assignment, click the blue Submit Assignment button.

Using the Rich Content Editor Text Box, choose the External Tools Options and select Kaltura Video Submission.

Choose one of the Kaltura Submission Type Options  
A) To Upload Media from your hard drive (or mobile device if you are on the Canvas Mobile site)
B) Record yourself using your webcam 
C) Add a video from Youtube (Must be listed a Public and not Private/Unlisted)
D) Add a video that has already been uploaded to your Kaltura My Media Library

For this Article we will look at Upload Media and Record Webcam

To Upload Media Select [A] Upload Media, drag and drop the media you wish to upload into the dialog box or choose the option to browse for the media. Once the Media has been uploaded, press the Embed Media button in the upper right of the box (you may need to scroll down to see things depending on your screen size).

To Record your Webcam, choose [B] Record from Webcam. When the dialog box pops up and asks for permission to use your webcam, you must click Allow or you won't be able to record from your webcam. 


After you have recorded using your webcam, scroll down and click "Use This" and then Click Embed to Embed the video into the assignment. 

Click Submit Assignment after you are finished adding a video to the assignment. You can also add text below or above the video if needed. 


Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need some help, please let ITS know by submitting a Raven Solutions request.


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