How To Upload an Answer Key in Akindi


Instructors can upload their own questions for Akindi assessments using a Word Document (docx. file) format. Word Documents are the default file type for Microsoft Office and can also be created using Google Docs. In order for Akindi to differentiate between correct and incorrect answer instructors must mark the correct answer in Bold or Italics or change the color of the font for the correct answer (I.e. correct answer text color has been changed to red). 

Formatting Requirements for Answer Key Upload

Creating & Formatting the test questions

Create your test questions in a Word Document or export your existing questions to a docx. file.

Question Formatting Requirements: 

  1. Questions and answers should be structured vertically, with each item appearing on a different line.
  2. Akindi looks for a period or parenthesis after the question number and the answer letter.
  3. Indicate the correct answer for each question using boldface, italics, or a different coloured font and Akindi will automatically identify the answer key.

    **Highlighting the correct answer(s) does not currently work with Akindi**

Below are question formatting examples.

1.  font color changed for correct answer
2. text bold for correct answer
3. text italicized for correct answer
4. font color changed for correct answers

Image: Answer key identified for each question using either boldface, italics, or a different coloured font

Uploading the Questions & Creating an Answer Key

If you are creating a new assessment, click Create Assessment (in the top right corner of the screen). Alternatively, if you are editing an existing assessment, choose the Edit your Answer Key button for the correct assessment. 

When Creating/Editing an Assessment (Step 1 of 3), the Assessment Type will determine your options for uploading your answer key.. The recommended option is Choose Online Assessment + I don't want to upload test questions. This allows the user to copy and paste their document into Akindi and correct any formatting errors that Akindi finds. Alternatively, you can select the correct answers using A-E on the left half of the screen.  The Three primary upload types are as follows:

  1. 1. Paper Upload = Copy and Paste Answer Key or Upload Word Document
  2. 2. Online + I don't want to upload test Questions = Copy and Paste Answers
  3. 3. Online + One Question at a time: Type in Q & A's =  or import Word Document

After you have finished creating your answer key, click Save and Continue in the bottom right corner of the screen to finish creating the assessment. 

Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need some help, please let ITS know by submitting a Raven Solutions request.


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