Google Slides: Audience Q&A


Google Slides lets you Present and create live Q&A sessions directly within a Google Slides Presentation. This is a good tool to engage the audience by allowing them to ask questions, up/down vote questions, and also ask questions anonymously if the topic is sensitive. 

Start a Q&A Session

  1. Open a presentation in Google Slides.
  2. At the top, next to "Present," click the Down arrow .
  3. Click Presenter View.
  4. In the new window, click Audience tools.
    • To start a new session, click Start new.
    • To resume a recent session, click Continue recent.
  5. To stop accepting questions, click the on/off switch in the Q&A window.
    • To allow questions from people outside of the domain, In the "Presenter view" window, click Audience tools and change "Accepting questions from Anderson University to Anyone.

Show Questions from the Audience

  1. Under "Audience Tools," find a question you'd like to display.
  2. Click the white Present button.
    • To change the question, find a different question and click Present.
    • To stop showing the question, click the green Hide button (the question will have a checkbox next to the name of the person showing the question in the Presenter View Window).

Asking Questions

Audience members can ask questions during a presentation:

  1. After the Presenter has turned on Accepting Questions (from the Presenter View Window > Audience Tools).
  2. Go to the link at the top of the presentation. Example:
  3. Click Ask a question and type a question.
    • To ask an anonymous question, check the box: Ask anonymously.
  4. Click Submit.

Voting on Questions

  1. To Up/Downvote on a Question, have the audience members go to the link at the top of the page.
    • Every question that has been asked will have a thumbs-up/down button under it.
  2. Use these buttons to Up/Downvote the question
    • Upvoted questions will be sorted to the top of the list. Google Slides refers to these as "Top Questions".


If you have questions about Google Slides please submit a Raven Solutions Request.


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