Playing a PowerPoint Slideshow on a TV


Departments can have Smart TVs in their lobby areas to display content to their students (this can be for things such as office hours, upcoming events and important dates, relevant departmental news, etc.). Typically content is created in PowerPoint and users need a way to get their content displayed on the TV. This can be done by converting the PowerPoint into JPEG image files and loading them onto a flash drive and then playing them on the TV's built-in media player. Not all TVs are capable of this feature please, check with ITS before purchasing technology.


Step 1: Open the PowerPoint that you intend to be displayed on the TV and select File

Step 2: Choose Save As
Step 3: Select a Location that is easy to find the PowerPoint (the Desktop is usually a good choice)

Step 4: Right-click on the Mouse (or right touchpad button if there is no mouse)
Step 5: Choose New
Step 6: Select Folder
Step 6b (not shown) Optionally rename the folder. It's helpful to rename the folder to the intended name of the presentation (i.e. "Fall Office Hours")

Step 7: Open the New Folder by double-clicking on it

Step 8: Select the Save as type drop-down menu
Step 9: Select JPEG File Interchangeable Format

Step 10: Press the Save button 
Step 11: Select All Slides
Step 12 Press OK

Step 13: If you haven't already done so, plug the flash drive into the computer and right-click on the folder you created, and then choose to Send To (the name of the flash drive).
Step 13b: Alternatively, after plugging the flash drive into the computer, you can "drag and drop" the folder into the flash drive explorer window or right-click on the folder and choose Copy and then Paste the folder into the flash drive explorer window

Step 14: Unplug the flash drive from the computer and plug the flash drive into the TV's USB port and then use the remote to select the USB drive as an Input. Navigate to one of the slides and press play. Depending on the TV, the slideshow should loop until the tv is turned off (you may have to adjust the slideshow settings on the tv for looping to occur). 

WARNING: Most TVs are not meant to run 24/7  (some commercial-grade TVs (such as the Samsung BET-H series can run 16/7). Turn the tv off at the end of the day. Repeated failure to do so will likely result in "ghosted" and "burned-in" images that may become stuck on the screen.  

Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions or need some help, please let ITS know by submitting a Raven Solutions request.

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