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Includes programs and applications both installed on devices and accessed online.

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Office 365 (Students)

Anderson University provides Office 365 to Undergraduate Students at no cost to them.

Raven Solutions

Raven Solutions is AU's service management, documentation, and project management system. ITS and Marketing and Communications use Raven Solutions to log work requests and provide information to the campus. (This knowledge base is a part of Raven Solutions.)


AccessAU includes HR, Academics, FN, and other applications

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How to check if Adobe Creative Cloud is installed on your machine

Adobe Creative Cloud is a software that allows users to install all Adobe products and keep them up to date through an App on the computer.

How to install AutoFile for SoftDocs

AutoFile is software that can be used in conjunction with SoftDocs. It is an additional way to scan documents into the system.

Restore Your Email Contacts/Groups

If you lose your groups or contacts in Gmail, you can try to restore your contacts to a previous time.

Saving a Fillable PDF

Simply saving a fillable PDF will not save what you've typed into the fields. The easiest way around actually uses the print option in any program to save a completed copy.

Sharing a Google Calendar

Information on how to share your calendar with other people.