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Select the blue Start Assignment button (or New Attempt button if you have already attempted the assignment and the instructor allows for multiple attempts). Choose the Apps Icon (it looks like a power plug for an electrical device) and select Google Apps. Choose the file you want to add by clicking on the picture of it and then pressing the blue Select button at the bottom left of the window. Press the Embed button. Press enter 2x and repeat the process. When Finished Press Submit Assignment
PDFs, Google Docs, and other various file formats can be added into Canvas as a shareable link.
This article goes over the basic of Google drive (uploading files, creating folders, removing/deleting files).
Courses you want to show in the Courses drop-down menu are called favorite courses. You can favorite any active course that appears on the course list page.
This article shows users (Mac) how to Combine pictures and convert them into a PDF and then submit the PDF as a Canvas Assignment.
This article shows users (Windows) how to combine pictures and convert them into a PDF and then submit the PDF as a Canvas Assignment.
Towards the end of each semester, students are given the opportunity provide instructor and course feedback using EvaluationKIT. Typically there is an EvaluationKIT notification on top of the Canvas Dashboard. Sometimes students will dismiss this notification and then are unable to figure out how they can provide instructor feedback. This article shows the alternative method to access Course Evaluations.
This article provides students with instructions on how to submit an assignment with a
media recording submission type. To submit a media recording assignment, you will need
to have a microphone and a webcam if you are also doing video.