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How to connect a personal laptop with Windows 10 to Raven Wireless
This is a tutorial on how to share your screen in Google Hangouts Meet and miscellaneous conferencing options that are available to the user.
PDFS, Google Docs, and other various file formats can be embedded into a Youtube Video.
Information on how to locate the MAC (Media Access Control) Address for your Xbox device.
Faculty and Staff should connect to the VPN to work offsite. This install will not work on campus, so please follow the steps away from campus.
This is a tutorial on how to add action buttons in Adobe PDF that save data that has been entered into the PDF.
Downloading and installing LockDown Browser is an important step in the process of using LockDown Browser. You should only have to download and install LockDown Browser one time and then you are free to use it to take exams.
A “SubRip Subtitle” file, also known as SRT (.srt), is one of the most common subtitle/caption file formats used. Videos created and uploaded using Kaltura will automatically be captioned and the captions can be edited, however if the user already has a caption file they can replace the machine caption file that is created. This tutorial will walk through teh process of manually creating a caption file.
This article will walk you through the steps of creating your MyAU powered by Okta account and setting up your factors for MFA.
Any Video Converter is a free tool that can convert video files to MP4. After downloading the program, it's a matter of dragging and dropping the files you wish to be converted, selecting the output as MP4 and pressing the convert button.
All AU undergraduate students have the option to have a free Office 365 license. Below are the instructions for registering for an account and getting access.
In 2010, AU switched to Google as our email provider. The switch provided us with unlimited storage that we could extend to anyone affiliated with AU. Unfortunately, Google has changed its storage policy for education and will soon enable limits on space for Gmail, Drive, and Photos. After careful review and consideration, the University has decided to change the Alumni Email program to new @alumni.anderson.edu accounts that will be email only. We treasure our Alumni and did not make this de
This KB includes information about logging into eForms as well as what to expect once a form has been initiated.
Instructions for changing your AU network password.
This is a tutorial on how to install Screencast-O-Matic with the Anderson University License version.
This document shows users how to login to eForms (also known as SoftDocs) with their AU email information. eForms is used for completing forms for the Office of the Registrar.
A short tutorial on how to caption a video using Screencast-O-Matic
This is a tutorial on how to use the key editing features and publish a video using Screencast-O-Matic
Duplicating a Test in Canvas is a process that takes under three minutes. If a student needs to have a test proctored and LockDown Browser is not an option, however the text was setup using LockDown Browser, then a duplicate copy of the exam will need to be created.
Recommendations for student computers.
Mitel Connect is a remote call management program that works with the AU phone system. It is commonly used by AU employees to access voicemail but can also be used as a "softphone" to make and receive calls as if you were on your office phone.
How to connect an Android Device to Raven Wireless