Moving documents from a network drive to Google Drive

The easiest way to move files from a local directory such as S: to your Google Drive or a shared Google Drive is to use Drive File Stream. Drive File Stream adds your Google Drives as a local hard drive just like the current network drives. By default this is the G: drive. After setting up the software just copy and paste the files you need from the S: drive to the G: drive. These steps are listed below:



 The software is already installed to all computers supplied by ITS that are running our latest Windows 10 image. You can start the program by clicking on the Drive File Stream icon located on the task bar on the bottom of your screen.  

Once you open the software you will be prompted to log in. Sign into your account to finish importing the files. They will then show up under the G: drive.



Navigate to DRIVE FILE STREAM LINK and sign into your account. After this is done expand the box labeled "Download & Install Drive File Stream" and click Download for Windows (or Mac) and run the installer. Once this has completed you'll be ready to go to the next step.




After signing into Google File Stream open File Explorer, the folder icon located on the task bar

This will bring up the navigation window, from here click This PC on the left hand side and open the target drive that contains your documents.



Navigate to the file or folder that needs to be transferred and right click on it. This will bring up a context menu, click on Copy. 

Go back to This PC and open the G: drive. From there you can select either My Drive (personal drive) or Shared Drives for folders that have been shared to your account. Find the place you want to copy the data to and then right click on the white space and select Paste.

If you need to create a folder, right click on a blank white space and mouse over New and on the drop down select Folder to create one.

You can right click on the folder to rename it to whatever you need. 

Any files that are moved into Google Drive can have their permissions changed from this window. If you right click on a file and select the "Share with Google Drive" option it will let you change the permissions so other users can see it.




If no G: drive appears in File Explorer this means that Drive File Stream is most likely not running. To check and see if the program is running click the little white arrow on the bottom right of your taskbar and check for the white Drive File Stream icon. 

If the icon is missing you will need to run Drive File Stream from either the taskbar icon or by typing Drive File Stream in the search bar and left clicking on the App that appears.

The program will start back up and the G: drive will be available again.


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