Information for eForms users.

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General Information about eForms (also known as SoftDocs)

This KB includes information about logging into eForms as well as what to expect once a form has been initiated.

How do I find the status of my eForm?

Once a form has been submitted through eForms there is no way to delete it. However, users are able to go back to a specific form and find out the status of the form and where it is in the workflow process.

How to install AutoFile for SoftDocs

AutoFile is software that can be used in conjunction with SoftDocs. It is an additional way to scan documents into the system.

How to login to eForms (also known as SoftDocs)

This document shows users how to login to eForms (also known as SoftDocs) with their AU email information. eForms is used for completing forms for the Office of the Registrar.