Unable to Access Google Forms "Organization Permission Error"


Sometimes when you are asked to fill out a Google Form you will receive a "You Need Permission" by users in the organization error message. This error message usually occurs because you are not signed into the correct Google Account (you'll need to be signed in to your Anderson University/AU Google Account) in order to view the Form. You can be signed into multiple Google Accounts and just have the wrong account selected when trying to access the Form. To fix this you'll just need to switch to your AU Google account. 

Note: When signing into your Anderson University Google Account, you will be redirected to Okta to finish signing in. Your Okta username is the first half of your Anderson University email (without the @anderson.edu part) and your password will be your Okta password. 


Step 1: Go to www.google.com and select your account profile picture to open up your Google Account
Step 2: Select your Anderson University (@anderson.edu) email account 
Step 2b (if you don't see your @anderson.edu email account; select Add Another Account and add your @anderson.edu account and then select it (repeat Step 2)

Step 3: After selecting your @anderson.edu Google Account, attempt to access the Google Form again. The form will likely either be in your (username@anderson.edu) Anderson University Gmail or shared with you in Google Drive. Upon accessing your Gmail or Google Drive, double-check and make sure you are still signed in using your @anderson.edu email account (profile picture in the top right corner).  If your web browser has switched your Google Account back to your personal account, you'll just need to select the profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and switch to your @anderson.edu profile.


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