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Poll Everywhere is a cloud-based polling platform, Q&A, and Survey software.  The free version allows an unlimited number of questions, however, the maximum amount of people in a given session is 40. If there are more than 40 people in a session, then only 40 out of ______ will be able to respond to the poll. While not all the features are unlocked in the free version of Poll Everywhere, all of the essential features are available for free to use with your @anderson.edu email when signing up for a Poll Everywhere account. 



  1. To start your first Poll, Sign up for a free Poll Everywhere account (or sign in to your Poll Everywhere account) using your @anderson.edu account. Google may offer to link your @anderson.edu account to your Poll Everywhere account. It is safe to allow these accounts to be linked.  The login and sign up buttons are in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Once you are signed in, the website will auto navigate to the polling homepage. Click the blue create button in the upper left corner of the screen to create a poll.
    • This will load the Activity Builder. 
      • Polls are broken up into activities that you create for the poll (Common activities are; Multiple Choice, Q&A, Survey, Open-Ended, Upvote, Ranking).
  3. Select an activity and give it a name and add questions into the activity.
    • Example
      • Question Type = Open-Ended 
      • Title = What is your favorite color
  4. You now have two options, continue building activities or go to the live polling
  • Pressing the blue Create button finishes the poll and redirects the browser into the live polling screen
  • Pressing the white Add another activity button allows you to add another activity into the poll.
    • If you have created multiple groups then you will need to select the group that the activity will go into). 
    • To create a group, click the grey New group button on the polling homepage.
      • Remember, you are creating activities and then sorting them into designated groups. 
      • Activities are sorted into "ungrouped" by default. You can drag and drop activities into different groups.
    • To navigate back to your created activities (polling home page) Click Polls in the upper left-hand corner.
  1. In order for the polling to be live, you will need to activate the polling. To active a polling activity, click on the icon located to the left of "No responses" on the Polling home page (small square with three-line dots on top of it).
  • Alternatively, if you click on the title of an activity, you can Activate the activity by pressing the Activate button on Live Poll Screen (towards the right side of the screen--under the visual setting button and above the show responses button).
  • Participants will not be able to respond until an activity is active.
  1. When you are live polling, there are several polling configuration options available to the right of the screen.
    • If the options are greyed out this means you cannot access them with the free version of Poll Everywhere. 
    • The most commonly used options are Test, Edit, and Present. 
      • The Test Option (top center) allows you to test out your activity from the participant side of The poll. to make sure everything works correctly. 
      • The Edit Option allows you to add questions or make small changes within the activity but it does not allow you to change the activity type. 
      • The Present > Share Option creates a link that you can email or embed in a website.
        • If you share an activity, the activity will automatically activate and remain active for 24 hours (Using the Present > Share will only share the activity and not the entire group of activities). 

Additional Instructions

For additional information, please check out Poll Everywhere's video tutorials:


If you have questions about Poll Everywhere or would like to schedule a training session, please submit a request, we would be happy to meet with you!

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