Poll Everywhere Quick Start


  1. Poll Everywhere is a cloud-based polling platform, Q&A, and Survey software. 
  2.  The free version allows an unlimited number of questions, however, the maximum amount of people in a given session is 40. If there are more than 40  people in a session, then only 40 people out of the group will be able to respond
  3. You can use your AU email to sign in and link Poll Everywhere to your Google Account
  • Poll Everywhere is a standalone app but it does have a Google Slides add-on and a PowerPoint Add on
  1. Poll Everywhere sorts the polling into Activities. Activities are individual polling items (voting, open-ended questions, ranking, etc.). 


Poll Everywhere Homepage

We are going to focus on some of the main areas: You’ll notice diamonds around several of the items. These are paid add on features such as grouping participants into Teams or getting Analytics from a Session. We don’t really need these features to create polls

  1. Polls: navigates back to the home page
  2. Create: allows you to create polling questions
  3. New Group: and Ungroup: lets you group and ungroup your questions 
  • Click on a question to group or ungroup the question
    • Example for naming groups: You name a group “Staff Vote” and you name another group “Class Vote” and you sort the questions into those groups

Let’s create some activities

  1. We will click the blue Create button 
  2. The default activities are here, but there are even more actives if you click on the three dots
  3. Let’s start with a multiple choice
  4. First, we need to add a title: How does the temperature of this room feel? 
  5. Let’s add some options: Too cold, Too Warm, Just right
  6. By default, activities will be sorted into ungrouped unless you specify what group they go to
  7. Let’s add one more activity: Word Cloud
  8. We need a title: What was your favorite thing about Fall
  9. We’ll click Create if we are ready for audience participation
  • This will take us to the Polling page


Polling Page

  1. Once the polls are activated, participants can go to the link or text to the number provided at the top of the page

  • Click Activate on a polling screen will activate the individual activity
  • You can also activate activities from the Polling homepage
  • Show responses: shows the live responses
  • Lock: prevents people from responding 
  • Clear responses: clears all of the responses
  • Full Screen: makes the poll Full Screen (press [Esc] to exit fullscreen
  • Next and Previous buttons: switches polling activities
  1. There are several misc. options such as making the polling anonymous or limiting the responses to one per person.


To access these settings, click Configure on the right side of the screen

  • Audience Restriction & identity allows for anonymous polling

  • Response Settings Allows you to change the number of times someone can respond


Survey Feature

The survey feature allows you to add multiple questions to a polling activity. 

  • Use add another question to add more questions to the survey
  • You can only choose six question types if you are doing a survey
  • Activating the survey will send the multi-question survey to the 25 participants



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