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Poll Everywhere can be added to Microsoft PowerPoint as an Add On via web download from Poll Everywhere. This allows Poll Everywhere Activities to be added directly into PointPoint Presentations and be presented live within the presentation. Poll Everywhere free edition allows up to 40 participants in a session.  Polling activities are created over the top of a blank slide that is created as a place holder for the polling activity. 

Adding Poll Everywhere to PowerPoint

To add the PowerPoint Add On Extension, log into your Poll Everywhere account (the webpage should auto navigate to Poll Everywhere homepage once you are signed in).

  1. Click PowerPoint, nested under Download the App.
    • The browser will redirect to the Poll Everywhere for Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint app page. 
  2. Click the red Download button in the upper center of the screen.
    • Pollev.exe will download to your computer
    • The default locations are usually, Downloads, Desktop or Documents. 
  3. Locate the Install polleve.exe install file and click on it (if you are using the Chrome Browser, the install file may be in the lower left-hand corner).
  4. Follow through the install process
    1. Install (program will be downloaded and updated from Poll Everywhere cloud server)
    2. Wait for Installation...
    3. When the install is complete, click the Finish button (at the bottom of the window) to complete the install

Adding Polling Activities into a PowerPoint

You will want to use your account when signing into the Poll Everywhere PowerPoint Add on

  1. Either create a new presentation or open an existing presentation.
    • A Poll Everywhere login window will pop up after you create or open a PowerPoint. 
  2. Login into Poll Everywhere using your account.
    • The Poll Everywhere Tab will be located towards the right side of the Ribbon
    • Ribbon layout: [File Home Insert Design Transitions Animations Slide Show Review  Poll Everywhere Tell me what you want to do...].
    • If you have other addons such as Acrobat, they will appear on the Ribbon as well. 
  3. Click New > Activity or Insert > Activity, Screenshot, Instructions, Video, Webpage
    •  New Activity lets you build an activity from scratch.
      • If new activities are not organized into a group, then they default into the Ungrouped list in Poll Everywhere. 
    • Inserting an Activity lets you insert an activity you have already created in the Poll Everywhere activity builder.
      • If you have already created grouped activities, then you can add them at this point. 
    • Inserting a Screenshot allows you to insert a Screenshot of an activity (this is an alternative to live polling or if you wanted to show results of an activity in a presentation via a screenshot). 
    • Inserting Instructions inserts a how to join the presentation slide that has instructions on how to join the presentation  (example: go to this website and enter this code or text this code to this number).
    • Inserting a Video & Webpage allows you to insert a Youtube video, Vimeo video or web page URL that is displayed on the audience or computer. 
      • Test the presentation beforehand to make sure the video will play!
  4. Click Present to make the polling activity live/accepting responses.

Additional Instructions

For additional information on how to set up a Polling Activity, please see this help article.  If you have questions or would like to schedule a training session, please submit a request, we would be happy to meet with you!


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