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Poll Everywhere can be added to Google Slides as an Add On via Google Chrome browser. This allows Poll Everywhere Activities to be added directly into Google Slides Presentation and be presented live within the presentation. Poll Everywhere free edition allows up to 40 participants in a session.  Polling activities are created over the top of a blank slide that is created as a place holder for the polling activity. 

Adding Poll Everywhere to Google Slides

To add the Google Chrome Add On Extension, log into your Poll Everywhere account (the webpage should auto navigate to Poll Everywhere homepage once you are signed in).

  1. Click Google Slides, nested under Download the App.
    • The browser will redirect to the Poll Everywhere for Google Slides app page. 
  2. Click the red Add Chrome button in the upper center of the screen.
    • The browser will redirect to the Google Webstore.
  3. Click the blue Add to Chrome button towards the right of the screen.
    • This assumes you are signed into your Google account. 
    • A window will pop up asking you if it's okay to add the extension (it is safe to add the Poll Everywhere for Google Slides extension).
  4. Click the white Add extension button to add the extension to Google Chrome. 
    • The page will refresh after the extension is added (the Add to Chrome button will be updated and will now read Remove from Chrome).
  5. Close the Tab after Poll Everywhere Add On has been installed.


Adding Polling Activities into a Google Slides Presentation

To add Polling activities into a Google Slide log into your Google account and navigate to the web address:

  1. Either create a new presentation or open an existing presentation.
  2. Click on the Poll Everywhere tab on the menu ribbon located towards the top of the screen.
    • Ribbon layout: [File Edit View Insert Format Slide Arrange Tools Add-ons Poll Everywhere Help].
      • Click the option to Log in if you are not logged in (If you are Logged in, the tab will display "Log out").
      • You should be using your Google account to Log into Poll Everywhere.
  3. Click New > Activity or Insert > Activity, Screenshot.
    •  New Activity lets you build an activity from scratch.
      • If new activities are not organized into a group, then they default into the Ungrouped list in Poll Everywhere. 
    • Inserting an Activity lets you insert an activity you have already created in the Poll Everywhere activity builder.
      • If you have already created grouped activities, then you can add them at this point. 
    • Inserting a Screenshot allows you to insert a Screenshot of an activity (this is an alternative to live polling or if you wanted to show results of an activity in a presentation via a screenshot). 
  4. Click Present to make the polling activity live/accepting responses.

Additional Instructions

For additional information on how to set up a Polling Activity, please see this help article.  If you have questions or would like to schedule a training session, please submit a request, we would be happy to meet with you!


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