Includes information for students on how to use Kaltura, AU's video management system, that is integrated with Canvas.

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Pinned Article Welcome to Kaltura

Kaltura is a tool that is built into all Canvas courses via My Media and Media Gallery. Kaltura can be used to manage a users media content, record. Uisng Kaltura instructors (and students can record, upload and edit media is created.

How to Join a Virtual Classroom

After the instructor starts the virtual meeting within Canvas, students can join the virtual classroom by going to the course's Media Gallery and pressing the Join Meeting button.

Kaltura Canvas Navigation: My Media vs. Media Gallery

My Media and Media Gallery are similar Kaltura tools within Canvas. My Media spans across all of the user's Canvas courses and My Gallery shows on videos that have been published to each course.

Kaltura Express Capture

Kaltura Express Capture enables recording content directly from the browser without the need to install any additional software. The Kaltura HTML recorder allows you to use your webcam or audio devices to record video and audio entries directly from your browser. You cannot use Kaltura Express Capture to record your screen.

Kaltura Recording Options

In Kaltura Capture, the default selection is the screen as the primary input and the camera as the secondary input. To record only one input, you must select the input and then turn off the secondary one. All input settings are saved for future recordings.

Kaltura Uploading Media

Media files can be uploaded into MyMedia from a computer, laptop, and most mobile/smart devices. Kaltura has a dedicated Upload Media option in the My Media Action tools.

Kaltura: Collaboration and Transferring Ownership of a Video.

Kaltura offers options for media collaboration and transfer of ownership.

Kaltura: Uploading to Canvas through a Mobile Device

Using Kaltura, It is possible to record, upload, and submit content from your mobile device to Canvas. Currently the Canvas App does not allow users to submit content. Users will need to go to the Anderson University Canvas page on their mobile device ( ).

Launching the Kaltura Virtual Classroom in Canvas

Kaltura Virtual Classroom is AU's system for live online classes. This article helps students get started using the system.

Opening and Downloading Kaltura Personal Capture

Kaltura Personal Capture is available to all Canvas users, however, Kaltura Personal Capture must be installed on the user's computer before it can be used.

Turning Off Third-Party Cookies To View Kaltura Videos in Canvas

Kaltura is a third-party vendor that operates within the Canvas platform and requires the use of third-party cookies for videos to be viewable.If you are unable to view videos in your browser, you will need to enable third-party cookies.