Quickly Edit Multiple Assignment Dates at the same time


As an instructor, you can update due dates and availability dates for multiple assignments and assessments all at the same time. Additionally, if you previously assigned differentiated due dates for sections, students, or groups, you can bulk update these due and availability dates (i.e. copied content from a previous semester).  Learn more about the difference between due dates and availability dates.

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Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Open Assignment Dates

Open Assignment Date Editor

On the Assignments page, click the Options icon [1]. Then select the Edit Assignment Dates option [2].

View Assignment Dates

View Edit Assignment Dates

You can view and manage assignment information on the Edit Assignment Dates page. All graded items in your course, including assignments, discussions, and quizzes, are listed in the Title column [1]. Current assignment due dates (if any) display in the Due At column [2], and current availability dates (if any) display in the Available From and Available Until columns [3].

You can also view and edit differentiated due dates for students, sections, and groups [4].

Select Multiple Assignment Dates

Select Multiple Assignment Dates

You can edit multiple assignment dates at the same time by selecting multiple assignments.

To select all assignments that fall within a date range, type dates into the date range fields [1] or select dates using the calendar icon [2].

To select all assignments, click the Select All checkbox [3].

To select specific assignments, click the checkboxes in the assignment rows [4].

The number of assignments selected displays in the header [5].

To batch edit selected assignments, click the Batch Edit button [6].

Batch Edit Assignment Dates

Batch Edit Assignment Dates

When you batch edit assignment dates, you can choose to shift dates forward by a number of days or remove due and availability dates. The option you choose applies to all selected assignments.

To shift dates forward by a number of days, click the Shift Dates option [1]. Type the number of days to shift assignments dates in the Days field [2] or use the up and down arrow buttons to select the number of days [3].

To remove due and availability dates from all selected assignments, select the Remove Dates option [4].

When you are finished, click the Ok button [5].

Edit Individual Assignment Dates

Edit Assignment Dates

To edit an individual assignment due or availability date, locate the item in the list and click the corresponding date field you wish to update [1]. Type the date in the Date field [2] or select a date from the calendar [3]. You can update due dates for assignments with existing due dates or enter a new due date for an assignment without a due date.

Note: When you update an assignment due or availability date, the original due time you selected for the assignment is retained. If no time is set, the due time defaults to 11:59:59 pm for the course time zone, and the assignment is marked late at 12:00:00 am. For example, if you set a due date of September 19 at 11:59 pm, the assignment is marked late if submitted at or after September 20 at 12:00:00.

View Date Error

View Date Error

If you enter invalid due or availability dates, an error displays beneath the invalid date. You must modify or remove the invalid date before you can save your date changes.

Revert Date Changes

Revert Date Changes

To revert date changes for an assignment, click the Remove icon. Reverting changes removes any date changes made to the assignment dates.

Save Updated Dates

Save Updated Dates

To save your updates, click the Save button.

View Save Progress

View Save Progress

Canvas displays the progress for your updates.

View Update Notification

View Update Success Notification

When your updates save successfully, Canvas displays a Success notification.

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