Converting Video files to MP4 for Free using Any Video Converter


     Any Video Converter is a free video converting tool that can convert audio and video files. AVC is available on both MAC and PC. The primary need for AVC is to convert video files to MP4 so Canvas will accept the video files.  The catch of AVC being a free program is that AVC will continually offer you a discounted price on the pro version of the software. However, to convert files to MP4 you do not need the pro version of AVC and you can simply X out of any promotional discount ads that may appear while using AVC.

Downloading Any Video Converter

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Red Free Download button.
    • AVC will automatically download.
  3. After the download is finished open it and install it.
    • Common Download spots on a computer are Downloads, Desktop, and Documents.
    • Depending on your machine you may have to click to open, double click to open or drag the file to the file manager to open. 

Installing Any Video Converter

  1. Locate the avc-free.exe file and open it.
    • AVC Setup will load. 
  2. Make sure the End User License Agreement is checked.
  3. Click Install.

    AVC might open a web browser tab/window offering you a discount on the Pro version of AVC.  Close the tab/window, you do not need the Pro version to convert media to MP4.

Adding and Converting a File to MP4

  1. Press Format Convert and locate the video that needs to be converted
  2. For Output Options/Video Format choose Customized MP4 (*.mp4)
  3. For Quality Select Auto or High and then press the start button at the bottom
  4. During the conversion, AVC may open up a browser window, offering you a discount on the pro version. Click the Red X to remove this window. 
    • You do not need the Pro version to convert files to MP4.
  5. After conversion is complete either select View output file or press the OK button. You do not need to pay/upgrade to convert videos.​​​​​​​

Videos are either saved in Documents or Videos within a folder named Any Video Converter

Getting Files from Mobile Devices to a Computer

     We recommend using Google Drive to link files between your mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) and computers because you can open, save, upload, and download files from and to Google Drive using mobile devices and computers. If you record a video(s) on your phone, you'll need to use the sharing feature to save them in your Google Drive. 

  1. Find the file(s) on your mobile device.
  2. Use the Share feature to save them to Google Drive (remember to use your Google Account).
    • With some mobile devices, you have to click and hold your finger/thumb over the file to open up the sharing settings.
  3. Using a computer sign in to your Google Drive account (remember to use your Google Account).
  4. Once you are signed into Google Drive locate the file.
  5. Right-click on the file and select the option that says "Download"  (Download is towards the bottom of the list of options).
    • You should now have a copy of the file on a computer.
  6. At this stage, you are adding and converting the file(s) to MP4 using Any Video Converter. 

Additional Help

If you would like to learn more about the various settings of AVC, see the Any Video Converter Help Articles. If you have other questions please submit a request,

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