Google Chromebook Signing In/Out & Guest Browsing Mode


The Google Chromebook is a lightweight computer that can perform common computer tasks such as looking/writing documents, viewing media, etc. Since Chromebooks are Google-based, you will need to use the G Suite (Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Spreadsheet, Google Drive, etc.) for tasks. Applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint are not available on a Google Chromebook. The G Suite is available for free with unlimited storage by using your email account. In this article, we are going to learn how to sign in and sign out of the Chromebook and look at the option for Guest Browsing. 


There are three points of interest on Chromebook Desktop. 

  1. Browse as guest: This enables Guest browsing ( no files can be saved when using guest browsing). However, you are still able to look things up on the Internet.
  2. Add person:  This enables you to add your Google account to the Chromebook
    • The next time you wish to sign on, simply click on your profile to the right of the screen and enter your Google Password.
  3. Settings Panel: this allows you to sign out of the Chromebook and adjust various settings such as volume. 













Signing Out of a Chromebook

Signing out of a Chromebook or any public computer is very important because you do not want other people to have access to your files, passwords, content, media, accounts, etc. To sign out of a Chromebook 

  1. Click on the Settings Panel in the lower righthand corner (time, battery life and wifi signal are located here)
  2. Click Sign (located at the top of the settings menu


Forgot your Google password? 

If you have forgotten your Google password (this includes your AU email/Gmail), please click here and submit a help request.



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