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AccessAU Academics, AccessAU HR, and AccessAU Finance

AccessAU Permissions

When new employees are hired, depending on their role within the university, they may need to have additional access within AccessAU. The Office of Work Life Engagement will notify us of this request.

Accessible Course Materials

Assistance with making course content accessible by creating captions, transcripts, and more

Adobe Creative Cloud/Adobe DC Pro

Request a license for Adobe Creative Cloud/Adobe DC Pro, or request assistance with software already installed

Akindi (Bubble Testing)

Information about AU's bubble testing system

Anti-virus Software

ITS provides Sophos anti-virus software on all university-owned computers.

AU App

The AU App is a great way to stay connected to campus events and information.

AU Style Guide

Standards for writing and grammar for AU related digital and print materials.

Audio/Visual Equipment

ITS has presentation equipment for checkout and delivery on campus for faculty and staff.


Book the Mascot!

Reserve RODNEY Raven for your event!



Add or update an event or schedule on or our student app calendar.

Can't Find My MAC Address

Let us know if you're unable to find your Media Access Control (MAC) Address.

Canvas (Instructors)

Faculty and staff information for Canvas, AU's learning management system. Use this form for asking questions, reporting problems, requesting extra courses, merging course sections, and requesting training or consultations.

Canvas (Students)

Student information on getting help with Canvas, AU's learning management system


Schedule delivery and set-up of food and drinks to your university meeting or event.

Classroom Emergency

The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) staff are available 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM to assist with classroom emergencies. Use this form for us to send someone to your classroom immediately. Since you are reporting a classroom emergency, ITS staff will interrupt the class in progress to fix the issue.

Classroom Response Kits

Known commonly as clickers, these kits are available for classes and meetings.

Classroom Support

If a classroom is malfunctioning, ITS is ready to help

Classroom Technology Training

Training information on classroom technology for faculty and staff

Computer Lab Support

ITS helps with the maintenance of several computer labs across campus, including labs in Decker, Fine Arts, Hardacre, and Hartung.

Conference Rooms & TV Displays

ITS is available to help with conference room technology and TV displays in a limited capacity.

Course Evaluations (EvaluationKIT)

Information about AU's course evaluation system

COVID-19 Home Internet Issues

Home internet connections are very important while classes are online. If you are a student without a reliable internet connection (or if you know of a student), please fill out this form so that ITS can help you explore your options.

COVID-19 Signage

Signage requests related to COVID-19 and social distancing.


Design Approval

Approval of designs and projects created outside of Marketing and Communication.



eForms is used for completing forms for the Office of the Registrar.

Email Group Membership

AU has several email groups that are used for communication across campus. This service should be used to notify ITS if a user needs to be added or removed from an email group. It can also be used to notify us that a user needs to be able to send to a specific email group.

Email Marketing

Request support for email communication to potential students or members of the public. We can help with proofing, editing, AU writing style, or sending to large email groups. Not a writer? We can help with that too!

Equipment Request Due to COVID-19 Remote Work

As faculty and staff shift to working remotely due to COVID-19, there may be technology equipment needs such as laptops and monitors. Let us know of your needs and we will do our best to fulfill your request. Some equipment may be provided at no charge but in some cases your department budget will be charged

Event Guru - Reserve Space for Events

Event Promotion

Share your event with us and we'll talk through the best ways to promote it. Depending on your goals and your audience, we may promote your event via press release, social media, email marketing, print materials, and more.


Faculty and Staff Accounts

When a new employee joins the AU community, new account access needs to be created.


G Suite (Google Apps)

Faculty, staff, and students have access to G Suite with their AU email.

Graphic Design for Print & Digital

Request design services for pieces needed for recruitment or external audiences such as ads, brochures, invitations, posters, flyers, branded promotional items, both print and digital. We will also collaborate with you to update a previously designed project.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts are created to provide technology resources for qualified 'non-Anderson University' individuals.


Help! I'm not sure where to submit my marketing request.

Have you clicked around and you still can't find the service you need? Click on the link above for more help.

Help! I can't log in to Raven Solutions to put in a request...

Having problems logging in to Raven Solutions to make a service request? Click on the link above for more help.

Help! I'm not sure where this ITS request goes...

Unable to find the correct service form? Click on the link above for more help.

Host a Large Group Meeting or Webinar

ITS is here to help departments wishing to host webinars and online meetings for large groups.


I Need a Photographer.

Request photography for events and promotions. Sign up for our next employee photo shoot.

ID Cards & Door Access

The Anderson University ID card is used for secure access to locked buildings, purchases at dining facilities, entrance to events, and other similar activities.

Individual & Department Training

Includes information on technology training for individuals and departments

Institutional Banners

Request use of institutional banners or backdrop for university events.

Institutional Wall Graphics

Request an AU branded wall graphic for a hallway or public campus space.

Instructional Design

Instructional design consultations for faculty looking for help with pedagogical issues and for staff looking to design training workshops.

Instructional Technology

The IRC is available to help instructors try new technology in their classes.



Kaltura is a video platform within Canvas that allows instructors to create rich, media experiences for students.


Library Resources

Anderson's Nicholson Library offers many different services for students, faculty, and staff.

Logo Request

Request Anderson University logos for use with your own AU projects.

Lost and Stolen Devices

Report suspected theft of Anderson University computer equipment to the University Police at 765-641-3333 and ITS at 765-641-4300.


Microsoft Office (Faculty & Staff)

ITS provides Microsoft Office for all University Owned devices.

Mitel Connect Client

Mitel Connect is a remote call management program that works with the AU phone system. Use this service to request help with the Client software.

Mitel Connect Client Password Reset

Use this service if you have forgotten your Mitel Connect Client password.


MyAU is a central location to access all AU related sites, including AccessAU, Canvas, etc.


Name Changes

Due to life events, users may need to make changes to their user accounts. ITS allows the change of user name and email address.

NETfacilities - Submit WFF work order

Network & Wireless Provision

ITS provides network service to support all university-approved functions.

New Storefront Login

Request a login for new staff who will place Storefront orders for a department/office. Storefront login credentials are given to one person per department/office.

News Promotion

Share your news with us and let's discuss the best way to share your AU story. Whether you want to share your news with our AU community, with the public, or both, we may use one of these communication tools to spread the word: press release, social media, email marketing, Weekly Update, internal mass email, and more.


Observer Role in Canvas

This service is available for Academic Success Coaches who have permission to take on the observer role in Canvas.

Office 365 (Students)

Anderson University provides Office 365 to Undergraduate Students at no cost to them.

Online Class Problems

The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) staff are available 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM to assist with online class emergencies such as problems with video conferencing or online exams. Use this form to have someone contact you by phone immediately. If this is not an emergency, please fill out a regular Raven Solutions request.

Online Education (Faculty)

Information and support for faculty teaching online classes

Online Education (Students)

Includes resources and help information for students taking online classes


Paper Order

Departments order paper to be delivered by ITS.

PaperCut for Faculty and Staff Printing

PaperCut is software that works with the printers across campus.

Password Resets

Faculty, staff, and students may change their network password by using the password change tool.

PeopleSoft Support

Aiding system users as they encounter difficulties and faults when using PeopleSoft

Personally-Owned Computers

If a student has an issue with their machine, ITS can assist in some cases. We are not able to fix hardware issues on a personal machine.

Phones & Voicemail

Mitel phones are installed in each office. All university-owned computers have Mitel Connect software installed on them to work with the phone.

Photo / Image Request

Request a copy of or access to Anderson University photos.

Place a Storefront Order

Order institutional or athletic stationery items such as envelopes, letterhead, name badges, and business cards. Also includes promotional items with our AU logo.

Printer Maintenance

Anderson University has Multi-Function Devices (MFD's) and desktop printers across campus. Printer Maintenance includes calling a device in for repair, questions about toner, as well as any questions about how a device works

Project Consult

Request a consultation with our Marketing and Communication team so we can plan and brainstorm your event or project together.

Proofreading & Editing

Request proofreading or editing of digital marketing materials. We will proof digital recruiting materials or communication to the public such as newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Purchase a Zoom License

Deans, Chairs, and Directors can purchase Zoom licenses for members of their departments so that faculty and staff can have access to premium features like unlimited meeting durations and recording.

Purchase IT Computer Equipment

Add a monitor, move from a desktop to a laptop, etc



Advanced survey software for faculty, staff, and students that need it for academic purposes


Rave Mobile Safety

Rave Mobile Safety is a communication system for emergencies on or around campus.

Raven Guest

When guests of Anderson University need access to the wireless Internet while on campus, they should use Raven Guest.

Raven Media

Access for entertainment devices for campus residents (only available in residence halls)

Raven Solutions

Raven Solutions is AU's service management, documentation, and project management system. ITS and Marketing and Communications use Raven Solutions to log work requests and provide information to the campus.

Raven Wireless

Includes wireless access for students, faculty, staff and AU affiliates

Report a Phishing Incident

If you believe that you have been the target of a phishing attempt, please let us know.

Report a Security Incident

If you have experienced what you think is a possible security incident, report it immediately by clicking on the Report Security Incident button on this page.

Report an Outage

An outage is a service interruption that affects multiple people. If you suspect there is an outage of any ITS service, please let us know!


Request a reprint of a design project with no edits or changes.

Request a Security Consultation

Security Consultation to facilitate security best practices for business use cases or for risk assessment and data security considerations

Request for Data

This service will allow data users to submit requests for institutional level reports. For requests related to current students and courses, please contact the Registrar's Office.



Information about AU's screen recording software used for creating videos and narrating PowerPoints

Security Awareness Training

ITS has partnered with KnowBe4 to provide security awareness training for all faculty and staff. This training will teach you the things to look for in emails so you are not caught in a phishing attempt.

Shared Mailbox

This service is to request a new generic user and/or email account.

Social Media Consult

Want to open a social media account or aren't sure what to do with the one you have? Learn more about opening, closing, or maintaining AU-related Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok accounts as well as how to handle duplicate accounts. We will share best practices, help you choose which platform is best for your audience, and go over AU guidelines.


SoftDocs is a cloud-based software that allows the campus to complete forms, route them to other users, and approve or deny them electronically.

Software for Classroom Instructor Stations

Typical classroom software that is in the classroom

Software in Computer Labs

ITS can add specialized software to a computer lab to meet teaching and learning goals.

Software Licenses

There is software that departments use that require the purchase of a license. These include SPSS, Visio, and others.

Storefront Problem or Product Idea

Report problems with ordering or signing into the storefront. Also, share your ideas for new products to add to the Storefront.

Student Accounts

Incoming student accounts are automatically created and an email is sent to the student's personal email with login information.

Student Employee Accounts

These are accounts that students use while working for Anderson University.

Student Housing

Here at AU, residence life is about more than just where you live. This is your community, your friends, and your family while at college.

Studio 55

Information about Studio 55, a recording studio for faculty and staff in Decker 55


Taking Home Equipment to Work from Home

Please let us know if you will be taking university-owned IT equipment home to work remotely.

Team Viewer for Remote Support

Team Viewer allows ITS to troubleshoot computer problems remotely. Use this service if you are proactively installing Team View and are having problems with installing the software.

Technology Training for Academic Classes

Includes requests for technology training for academic classes

Training Workshops

Includes information on regularly scheduled training for faculty and staff

Tutoring Course

This service is available for KACE staff members to request a Tutoring course and link in Canvas.


University-Owned Computers

Laptops and desktops that are issued to employees of Anderson University as either permanent or loaned equipment.


Video Conference Equipment

Equipment checkout and training for video and web conferences

Video Conference Support

If you're having problems with a video conference, ITS is ready to help.

Video Consult

Share your video opportunity with us. We will schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas, budget, and help you explore the options available to make your ideas a reality.


This service is to request assistance with setting up and using voicemail.


Faculty and staff working from off campus locations such as home, a hotel, or the local coffee shop, should use a VPN to keep data secure while working from those locations.


WebPrint for Students

WebPrint is a service that allows students to print to devices across campus.

Website Update to

Update website pages on, such as general content corrections, broken links, faculty/staff directory, and website forms.

Weekly Update

Share your news in our faculty/staff Weekly Update email.