Classroom Support


The majority of classrooms at AU have a simple technology set-up including:

  • Projector/screen or TV display
  • Computer, monitor, mouse, and keyboard
  • Speakers or sound bar
  • Connections for laptops
  • Lectern

ITS has staff dedicated to maintaining these classrooms. If you are experiencing any issues related to classroom technologies, please contact ITS immediately.


This service is available for faculty and staff.

How to Request Help

To request help, please click the  Request Help button on the right or call ITS at 765.641.4300. We will need to know the nature of the issue, the building/classroom number, and if it is okay to interrupt the class in progress to fix the issue.

What to Expect

After a request is made, you can expect ITS to immediately come to the classroom to fix the situation (unless you have indicated that the class in progress should not be interrupted). Our technicians are trained to work on technology issues with as little disruption to your class as possible.

Request Help


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