Conference Rooms & TV Displays


ITS is available to help with conference room technology and TV displays in a limited capacity.

  • ITS is available to help with the install of new technology in conference rooms and new TV displays within departments.
  • ITS will recommend simple ways to display TV screens within departments. ITS does not have a digital signage system and is not able to recommend one.
  • ITS is available to troubleshoot issues with conference rooms.
  • ITS will make every attempt to troubleshoot TV displays that are already installed, but please know that some displays pre-date our involvement with the display.
  • ITS does not create content for TV displays.

Note: Problems with classroom technology take priority over conference rooms and TV displays.


This service is available for faculty and staff.

How to Request Help

To request help, please click the Request Service button on the right. 

What to Expect

After a request is made, you can expect someone from ITS to contact you within our normal business hours.

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