Computers & Hardware

Includes personally-owned computers and university-owned computers and hardware, plus conference room technology and TV displays

Services (6)

Conference Rooms & TV Displays

ITS is available to help with conference room technology and TV displays in a limited capacity.

Equipment Request Due to COVID-19 Remote Work

As faculty and staff shift to working remotely due to COVID-19, there may be technology equipment needs such as laptops and monitors. Let us know of your needs and we will do our best to fulfill your request. Some equipment may be provided at no charge but in some cases your department budget will be charged

Personally-Owned Computers

If a student has an issue with their machine, ITS can assist in some cases. We are not able to fix hardware issues on a personal machine.

Purchase IT Computer Equipment

Add a monitor, move from a desktop to a laptop, etc

Taking Home Equipment to Work from Home

Please let us know if you will be taking university-owned IT equipment home to work remotely.

University-Owned Computers

Laptops and desktops that are issued to employees of Anderson University as either permanent or loaned equipment.