Video Conference Equipment


ITS provides equipment and training on video and web conferencing using Zoom, Google Meet and Canvas Conferences (Big Blue Button). Equipment can also be reserved to be used with an eternal service like Skype and Go To Meeting. (AU does not have enterprise accounts for services outside of Zoom, Google and Canvas, so the support that we can provide is limited).

Equipment available to faculty and staff include:

  • Webcams
  • Headsets
  • Web Conferencing Speakerphones
  • 360° Video Conference Camera (Owl)

Additionally, ITS provides training for faculty and staff on how to use the equipment and have a successful video/web conference. Users that are anxious about the conferencing technology can request a trial session with our staff to make sure that they are more comfortable with the conferencing before the actual event.


This service is available for faculty and staff.

How to Request Equipment

To request training or reserve equipment, please click the Request Equipment button on the right. Be prepared to provide us with the video conference platform you are going to be using, the equipment you might need, and the date of the conference.

What to Expect

After a request is made, you can expect someone from ITS to contact you within our normal business hours. We will consult with you to determine what you need and will make arrangements from there.

Request Equipment


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