Includes information about Google Hangouts Meet.

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How to Incorporate Google Hangouts Meet in Canvas

Information provided by Canvas on how to use Google Hangouts Meet in your course.

Quickly Launching Google Meet for Class

In the event that there is a Kaltura outage, instructors should switch to Google Meet to provide in-class instruction to online students. This article provides information on how to launch Google Meet and how to notify students that you have switched from Kaltura to Google Meet.

Whiteboarding with Google Hangouts Meet

Digital whiteboarding is possible with Google Hangouts Meet via free software that AU uses in lots of classrooms. You simply need to download and install this software and then "Present Screen" and start whiteboarding.

Google Meet: How to Share your Screen

This is a tutorial on how to share your screen in Google Hangouts Meet and miscellaneous conferencing options that are available to the user.

Google Meet: Setting up the Mic & Camera

This is a tutorial on how to set up the mic and camera for a Google Meet

Using Google Calendar to create a Google Meet

How to set up a Google Meet from Google Calendar