Video Conferencing

Includes information on Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom Video Conferencing, and Canvas Conferences (Big Blue Button)

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Canvas Conferences (Big Blue Button)

Includes information about Canvas Conferences (Big Blue Button).

Google Hangouts Meet

Includes information about Google Hangouts Meet.

Zoom Video Conferences

Includes information about Zoom Video Conferences.

Kaltura Virtual Classroom

Includes information about Kaltura Virtual Classroom, a video conference solution integrated within Canvas courses.

Articles (2)

Which Video Conference Option Should I Use for My Class?

AU has three platforms for web-based Video Conferences for classes: Canvas Conferences (Big Blue Button), Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom Video Conferencing. This article will help you decide between the three platforms.

Finding Answers to Video Conferencing Questions

Links to connect you to resources to help you learn more about video conferencing.