Google Hangouts Meet: Setting up the Video Conference & Tips


     Google Hangouts Meet is a great way to host a video conference with anybody around the world. Faculty, Staff, and Students have access to G Suite for Education. This means up to 50 people can be in the video conference.  [ people in the room + up to 50 people online).  Most modern Laptops and mobile devices have cameras and mics built into them. If you are using a Desktop computer, then you will likely need to plug in some type of camera and microphone to participate in the video conference (the conference can be joined with audio only using a mic/microphone if no camera is available).


When starting or joining a Google Meet you will be redirected to the audio & video equipment setup page. 

  1. Click Allow for wants to Show notifications
    • If a mic and camera are available, Google Hangouts Meet will choose the default mic and camera (as shown on screen)
  2. To change the camera/mic click the three white vertical dots in the upper right of the picture
  3. Click Settings
    • A settings box will pop up
  4. If available, you can select a different web camera, mic, and output speakers by clicking the drop-down arrows next to the names of the respective devices
    • To Test the mic, speak and if the bars next to the mic are moving then you have selected the appropriate mic
    • To test the speakers press the Test button
  5. When you are finished selecting and testing the equipment, click the green Done button at the bottom of the settings box
  6. Press the green JOIN MEETING button to join the meeting and wait for other participants to join the meeting.
    • Meeting details may appear on the screen, if you are the host, you can add people and copy the meeting info. 
      • The web URL is for people joining from a laptop/computer
      • The Dial-in is for people joining in on a conferencing phone/telephone (audio only)
      • Google Hangouts Meet apps for Android and IOS are available for free from their respective app stores to also join the meeting
    • The meeting details can be brought up anytime by clicking the name of the meeting (in the lower left-hand corner)
    • To leave the meeting, click the red phone button at the bottom center of the screen (you can rejoin the meeting as long as the host is still hosting the meeting)


Helpful Video Conferencing Tips

  • If you have two mics connected, then they may cause an echo/distortion.
  • If you are using your laptop speakers or if your speakers are too loud, the mic may pick up the audio coming from the speakers and echo it back into the conference causing echo/distortion.
  • If two people are in the same room and are on separate devices but both people are near each other, there will likely be echo/distortion. 
  • If the room is too dark, put a light in front of you to so people can see you  (putting a light behind you casts a shadow making it more difficult to be seen).
  • Be fully dressed - if positioned properly, the camera will only show your face, some of your upper body, and the background of the room. However, if you get up to go do something and walk in front of the camera it can be awkward for the other participants if you are not properly dressed. 
  • Keep distractions to a minimum (pets, children, tv noise, things in the background, etc.).

Recommended Equipment



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