Whiteboarding with Google Hangouts Meet


Using a virtual whiteboard is possible in Google Hangouts Meet.  There is a slight learning curve to the process, however, once the curve is mastered whiteboard can be a useful tool for the instructor. The program that can be used to virtually whiteboard is called Epson Easy Interactive and it's available in lots of our classrooms on Campus (it also happens to be free and works on both MAC and PC). Students can also download the program for free if they would like to use a digital whiteboard. 



Step 1: Go to Epson Easy Interactive.  (for quick access the PC and Mac versions are available for download in this help article).

Step 2 Click (You may need to scroll down the page to see the button)
Step 3: Click to Download the program

Step 4: Run through the program installer like you would with any other program on your computer


Present Screen/Share Screen

To show the whiteboard you will need to open Epson Easy Interactive Tools and use the Present Screen/Share Screen button (towards the bottom right) in Google Meet. If you share your entire screen, switch over to the whiteboarding software and if you share just a window you will need to have the whiteboarding software open on your computer so you can select it as a sharable window. Once sharing is initiated, switch to the whiteboard and start whiteboarding. 

Helpful Tips

Explore the software before you use it in a live class session so you can get familiar with it. Epson Easy Interactive Tools does have a traditional whiteboard, but it also has a "graph paper" whiteboard and "music notation" whiteboard and "writing" whiteboards. You can also annotate directly on your screen. This would be helpful if you had a worksheet that you were working through with your students and needed to annotate on-screen to fill out the worksheet. 

A traditional mouse may be difficult to use with digital whiteboarding
Even a touch screen laptop can be difficult unless it folds into a tablet. 

What I have found helpful is to have a "Pen Mouse" that functions as a digital dry erase marker. 



Keep in mind that if your device only has USB-C ports, then you may need a USB-C adapter. 


Additional Help

For questions, training and additional help, you can submit a Ravens solution request. We would be happy to meet with you!


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