Using Google Calendar to create a Google Hangouts Meet


     Using Google Calendar is great way to schedule Google Hangouts Meet video conferences in advance. By using your Gmail account, you are able to invite guests both in and outside of the domain (this would be good if you wanted to host a video conference with an instructor from out of the country, hosted video conferences once a week, etc.).  Using Google Calendar also provides a Meeting ID for the video conference and a dial-in phone number (with pin code) for telephone/conferencing phones as an alternative for using a computer to host the video conference. 


To create a video conference from Google Calendar:

  1. Press the Oval Create button (with the multi-color + button) in the upper left of the screen.
    • Alternatively, you can select a time slot on the anywhere on the Calendar and the Calendar event creator will pop up. 
  2. Next to the blue Save button in the lower right, there is a More Options button--press the More options buttons. Google Calendar will switch to the full Event Creator. 
  3. Add a title, enter date and time, invite guests, and to add a Google Meet, select the option that says Add conferencing.
    • There will be a picture of a video camera next to the words Add conferencing.  Choose the option that says Hangouts Meet. 
  4. Add a description for the meeting to help guests identify the meeting on their calendars.
  5. Finally, add guests and set guest permissions.
  • Modify event: guests can edit the date, time, description, etc. 
  • Invite others: guests can invite other people into the video conference.
  • See guest list: guests can see who has been invited into the video conference.


Google Hangouts Meet AndroidIOS apps are available for free from their respective app stores.

Video Instructions

If you have questions or would like to do a "test run" before your class/event, please submit a Service Request for Video/Web Conferences. We would be happy to meet with you!


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