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Welcome to the AU community! This is the place to begin if you have any questions related to your AU accounts, how to connect to Raven Wireless, or just need information.

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This collection of articles will get all of your devices connected to AU's network.

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Changing your AU Network Password

Instructions for changing your AU network password.

Getting Connected @ AU: A Guide for New Students

This guide includes resources and links for new students.

How to Use Canvas (A Quick Start for Students)

If you're new to Canvas, this quick guide will help you start learning more about AU's learning management system.

Navigating in MyAU

How to navigate MyAU.

Print Student Schedule

Instructions for printing a student's weekly class schedule.

Rave Mobile Safety

Confirm contact info to be notified of security alerts on and around campus.

Recommended Computer Specifications for Students

Recommendations for student computers.

Resources for Adult Students

This guide includes resources and links covered in our Orientation for Adult Students.

What is AccessAU?

Information about AccessAU