Includes information about internet access and WiFi.

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Connecting to the Internet on WiFi

A collection of articles focusing on how to connect to the internet wirelessly on a computer, phones, tablets, streaming devices, etc.

Finding Your MAC Address

A collection of articles focusing on how to find the Media Access Control (MAC) Address for devices you would like to connect to the internet.

Nintendo 3DS

Information for the Gaming Device Nintendo 3DS

Articles (5)

Connecting to the VPN

Faculty and Staff should connect to the VPN to work offsite. This install will not work on campus, so please follow the steps away from campus.

Desktop and Laptop Internet Access

Instructions for adding your desktop or laptop to the AU network.

Faculty/Staff Network Drives

Information in reference to the network drives that faculty and staff use.

Forget WiFi Networks on Common Devices

How to forget known networks.

Raven Guest Wireless Network

How to connect to Raven Guest while visiting campus.